5 Reasons Your Travel Business Needs an App

6 out of 10 smartphone owners use a travel app. In spite of that, a major fraction of tour and travel businesses are still reluctant to get their own app built. Gone are the times when the travelers used to carry paper maps and travel guides. Now all they need is a smartphone in their hands, loaded with their favorite travel apps. They tap on that app icon right from the moment they start searching for good places to travel; use the app throughout the planning; keep the app handy at the time of travelling and use the app again to record their experiences.

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Here are 5 good reasons a native app is essential for your tour and travel business.

Showcase Travel Deals

A mobile app enables you to put the trip packages you offer right in their palms. The app platform allows you to showcase your best deals along with proper description, reviews and high quality pictures.

Enable Travellers to Make Bookings

Many people believe that nothing equals the pleasure of travelling and more so, when everything is in control. A travel app helps travellers to plan out the itinerary in advance. By pre-booking air tickets and hotel rooms, travellers can relax and focus on enjoying their trip rather than confirming tickets or searching for places to stay.

Send Push Notifications

When you send an emailer to your target audience, 10% (or higher) is supposed to be a decent open rate. But in case of push notifications, open rate is around 97%. And that’s why, push works great to send the users last minute deals and discounts. Not just that, push notifications comes with an added advantage. Since you are reaching out to the users on their mobile devices, you have better chances of personalising your message according to their unique tastes and preferences, thus improving the conversion rate further.


Learn More About Customers

Among other things, an app is a great convergence point to collect and analyse customers’ data. Being a personal device, mobile is the closest, a business can get to a customer. By deploying app analytics, you can know who they are and what makes them tick and thereby design a data-driven marketing strategy. The end results – You turn a substantial fraction of prospects into paying customers through your mobile marketing campaigns.

Build a Robust Social Presence

Tour and travel business is something that runs on word of mouth. One satisfied traveller share his good experience with other travellers, bringing in more business. Social media acts as a catalyst in word of mouth marketing. Needless to say, a robust social presence is imperative to growing your travel business. And that’s where mobile apps come into picture. With social media API integration, apps are perfect to build and maintain a robust social presence across the mobile ecosystem.

Research has shown that tour and travel agencies with a robust mobile presence are more likely to acquire new travellers and engage the existing ones. All in all, a travel app acts as a cost-effective marketing channel tailored to travellers’ needs and preferences.
If you are already convinced of the benefits of going the app way but are intimidated by the cost, time and expertise involved in mobile app development, let us tell you, it’s not half as difficult (or costly) as you think. With an online mobile app maker, building an app is just a matter of few clicks. Zero coding mobile application builders boast of drag-and-drop functionality, enabling everyone to go the app way, fast and easy!