How To Make Use of Mobile Apps for Business Planning

Mobile apps are all the rage these days. It seems like there is an app for everything. How about using an app to build your business? Apps run on cell phones, PDA’s, and tablets. This makes them easy to use and great for a solo business because you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Apps are still very hot in the latest technology news. If you are yet to start, you might want to start with an app that can help you with your business plan. The business plan is the very first step of pioneering a business as it helps you to crunch the numbers.


The app can also help you to budget for your business. What are the actual startup costs? Without an accurate estimate of just how much money you need, your business could easily run out of money before it is off the ground. Use the app to create an income statement and project your potential earnings.

Besides assessing your creditworthiness, an app can be used to pick out the best lender for you to work with.

Not all these apps cost money. Some of them are free; provided by nonprofits out to promote entrepreneurship. With an app, you can constantly be working on and updating your business plan on the go, and you can also conveniently share it with your networks.

Apps can also be used to judge just how credit-worthy you are. Your credit score determines everything – how easily you can access credit and at what cost. It also determines just how much money you can get from banks and other lenders. Apps are good for more than just online games.

Before settling on an app, look carefully at its features and what it is meant to do. Then look at your goals and needs. It has to be an app that helps you achieve what you want to achieve. Even the best app is useless if its purpose is different from your own.

Apps are not just for beginners, though. Even seasoned entrepreneurs can use apps to improve their business. With Ever note for example, you do not have to scrap information from handwritten minutes. Simply start a digital notebook for every single business expense. As long as you keep inputting information, the app will keep track of it all. The app gets more useful the more you use it. Keep adding notebooks and the information will prove invaluable for planning purposes. Every note must be tagged for ease of reference.

With Humin, your networking becomes much easier and intuitive. The app keeps track of all your contacts: who they are, where you met when you met and so on and so forth. You never have to struggle to remember crucial information anymore because your app will do this for you.

Workflow takes control of time management. It schedules regular tasks helping you to focus on what is more important. For example, it can be called a taxi for you. If you are looking to improve your personal time management, use hours tracker to keep track of just how much time you spend on each task. Such information can be invaluable in helping you optimize the way you spend time. Scrap functions as a scrapbook of sorts where you can record any random idea that comes to mind.

Project management apps are extremely important for entrepreneurs. Use one like Productive to put together email, outlook, and calendar and word documents into one project management form.

One of the best-loved tools is wanderlust which can put your task management in order – including converting the items in your inbox into to do lists!

The biggest mistake people make with apps is to underutilize them Dropbox, for example, is an extremely popular app but most of the users do not realize its full potential. If you are going to get the most from a resource; you have to take the time to study that resource and know what it can do for you.

Sometimes you can be fortunate enough to find an app that is specifically meant for your area of business. For instance wedding or even planning apps are specific to a specific business.

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