StoreJet Cloud-Transcend’s new Wireless Portable Drive

Transcend announced the launch of its new StoreJet Cloud Wireless Portable Drive recently. Storing data in a portable drive made easier without using any wires. StoreJet includes features of small dimensions, long-lasting battery with a capacity of up to 64GB. This portable device is capable of significantly extending the storage space present on Apple iOS and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Media like photos, documents, eBooks, music, and movies are accessed through a wireless network, providing freedom from wires.

Functions supported

StoreJet Cloud offers various functions. It overcomes the limitations on capacity associated with mobiles and stores the data physically using flash based technology. It can provide 28 hours of DVD quality movies or an equivalent 16,000 songs as a skip-free playback at an instant. StoreJet Cloud, when connected to a computer acts like any other portable drive and supports the drag and drop files function from the computer into personalized folders for simple file management.

Battery Backup

StoreJet Cloud allows up to 5 devices to stream various media simultaneously, making file sharing more easier. Loaded with rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery it provides nonstop entertainment up to six hours of continuous playback by a single charge.

Cloud Device

StoreJet Cloud App behaves an all-in-one media player for use with devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod and automatically lists the portable drive contents for faster file navigation with various playback modes. This app offers its users the multitasking facility by bridging a connection between the StoreJet Cloud and an external Wi-Fi access, simultaneously. Functions include wireless transfer, delete or e-mail files. Media can be accessed on StoreJet Cloud from other tablets and smartphones by using an external web browser.


Transcend announced the price of StoreJet Cloud Wireless Portable Drive to be Rs.8,700 for 32GB capacity and Rs.15,399 for 64GB including a two year limited warranty.

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