Menu your live podcast with Spreaker

Hey, have you ever thought of talking to a lot of people at once? Have your own radio show, share your music? Well that would be wonderful. Now there is a way to make it happen,  Spreaker is a free audio platform that allows anyone to create, broadcast and share a personalized radio show. With spreaker you can broadcast live for everyone, everywhere. People can hear your voice when they are driving, working or running! And with a mobile application you can go live anywhere and report any event or anything using the web. That’s not all! One can share facts through the user community, podcast and social networks, whatever they are. All you need is an account in

Spreaker provides its users a console to manage libraries, add voice, special effects etc. One can perform any editing required using the console. It also allows managing the tracks, lists and libraries. One can go live directly or record the episodes initially and then broadcast them. One can broadcast an episode by just creating it by giving a name and selecting the category. In the watchers list spreaker provides different categories form which one can choose what to listen to. One can invite friends to follow their shows, share episodes on facebook, and tag and categorize episodes for easy navigation.


Broadcasting live through spreaker is quite easy Spreaker provides its users with a broadcasting tool unlike most of the other sites. It’s like online software. It’s easier and quicker. All the hardware you need is a microphone. One can get a microphone at any electronic store for a reasonable price. See that you connect the microphone before u hit the broadcast button.

About was launched in March 2010 by Marco Pracucci, Daniele Cremonini, and Francesco Baschieri. Main perspective of crowd sourcing is an unique thing which separates Spreaker from different other applications as it involves the user lively in upgrading the contents of the application. Users can check out for stuff they find interesting and start listening to it. Finally to say Spreaker is a nice web service that allows its users to easily make radio programs and record episodes for it. Users can upgrade to the premium plans for more features.